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40 Bright Years

40 Bright Years

This year the Center of Sports Education Sambo-70 has marked 40 years of its existence. However, for school-leavers and coaches of this legendary school this data is not only the reason to meet old friends but also the symbol of future achievements. All main victories and events are still ahead, you know.

Text: Andrey Gulyutin, Natalia Babina

Temple of Science

Sambo-70 is one of the few projects in our country that is not affected by time or circumstances. The founder of the school, six times USSR Sambo champion, David Rudman, began with a small group in an ordinary school # 113 in Cheremushki district of Moscow. At present Samb0-70 is a unique complex combining sports and two secondary schools, rehabilitation center. As it was before, here children are trained for their adult life and future victories, only the list of disciplines is expanded. Besides Sambo schoolchildren can go in for Judo, Sumo and Karate.

But Sambo-70 is famous not only by its faade but also by the people whose names are inseparably connected with the School. They are: school graduate from the first special class, now General Director of this School Renat Laishev, triple World Sambo champions Igor Kurinnoy and Victor Astakhov, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Judo Dmitry Nosov, triple World champion Alexander Mikhailin and other athletes who glorified the National sport.

At school tough access control is in use. Cleanliness is next to good health that is why for visitors shoe covers are held in the cloak-room in bad weather. The School develops traditions of self-administration laid by David Rudman: the Captains Council keeps working. And in what other Moscow school the pupil running by some unknown person will politely ask if the latter needs any help?

Loyalty Oath

Celebration of school birthday is a peculiar ritual of familiarizing new schoolchildren with Sambo-70philosophy. Every year on September 28, all the pupils and guests gathered in a big hall watch all the novices who in front of the School Flag read out the solemn oath, promise to study diligently, live honestly and do not use strength to harm people. Then everyone sings the Sambo-70 anthem. The text of the oath practically has not changed in 40 years but each time it arouses powerful emotions in the hearts of participants at that Ceremony.

That is how Director of Sambo-70 Andrey Shashkov explains this phenomenon: School philosophy is based on two whales - succession and continuity. Parents of many present pupils studied here too, that is they were brought up in the way they foster their kids now, on the same ideas and principles.

Solemn Ceremony

The jubilee celebration went on in leaps and bounds like the bout on the mat: there was no place for dull speeches. School administration welcomed the guests and congratulated the pupils and after that the official part switched to the spectacular one. The children displayed the demonstration show in Sambo and choreography. Theatrical scenes which combined dances and Martial Arts become the culmination of performance.

But the best gift to the jubilee was not the pupils sports skills but their success in studies. In 2010 one Gold medalist and four pupils, distinguished themselves in studies, finished school. The principle of studies in Sambo-70 is as follows - first knowledge, then sports commented Andrey Shashkov. Our goal is to teach children to study well and grow them up real people and in addition to go in for sports. I think, we do it well.

The Cup of the School

In the evening the School received congratulations from its graduates. The guests came to this occasion not only from Russia but also from USA, Canada and Israel. To the thunderous applause Director of Sambo-70 Club Sergey Gromov was awarded the title Master of Sports of International Class and World champion Alexander Sidorov got the title Merited Master of sports.

The final of the Club championship in Sambo completed the evening. Preliminary bouts were held two days before on September 24 and 25. Out of 158 athletes 28 reached the final. The unique character of this tenth tournament lies in the fact that athletes of different ages could meet on the mat just in one weight category. As a result, the title The best fighter went to the pupil of the school Varuzhan Melikyan. The youngest and the eldest participants - Nickolay Shishkov and Alexander Sidorov have also got the awards.

However, the tournament was not the last item in the jubilee program. School General Director Renat Laishev reminded that September celebration is only the start up to the end of the year many more events have been planned.

Legends and Myths of Sambo-70

I will unlock a little secret how the name Samb0-70 sprang up, - Renat Laishev told us. In Soviet times there was such a phenomenon as students brigades. Sambo-70 was a brigade that worked at BAM construction sites, and the founder of the school, David Rudman, was its member. The history of Sambo-70 origin was cloaked with quite a number of legends. According to one of them David Rudman had a quarrel with some hooligan in the tram, taught him a lesson of politeness and then invited him to study Sambo holds. However, Rudman himself ruins this myth. I do not recall confrontations with any thugs in Moscow. But in the city of Kuibyshev, now Samara, where I come from, a had to confront with riffraff. For five years I was a member of Komsomol brigade on maintenance of public order.

When rating the results of forty years of school activity David Rudman mentioned: I believe that all our efforts have been justified. We have given people the chance to go in for sports, change their fate, foster love for Sambo. Among school trainees one can find twice and triple World, European and National championships. Many of them became coaches, Ministry of the Interior and Federal Security Service officers. Our school is really our family.

6 (47) 2010
Magazine 6 (47) 2010

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