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Tournament success!

Text: Sergey Avdonin, reader, World and European champion.

In March, the Sambo team of MGTU in hon. of N.E. Bauman was preparing for the annual pan-Russian tournament in memory of a great Sambo wrestler Heinrich Schultz. And then, all of a sudden, they heard the news that due to financial constraints the tournament may not be convened. Heinrich Schultz's colleagues, friends and students found the way out to overcome this difficulty.

The six-time USSR champion, Merited Master of Sports Heinrich Schultz had worked in MGTU in hon. of N.E. Baumanfor more than thirty years. During this period, his students had 16 times become the champions of the country, they twice won the judo European championships. Dozens of Masters of Sports of the USSR had been prepared, hundreds of Candidates and 1st Degree Sambo wrestlers. Many Sambo wrestlers combined high sports achievements with a fruiful research activity. Among them Doctor of Technical Sciences Boris Katorgin, Professor Sergey Gavryushin and others.

The telephon did not stop ringing what?, how come?, why is the tournament being cancelled?. The board of the MGTU Club of Sambo Veterans presided by Heinrich Schultz's student, Master of Sports in Sambo Leonid Topchev decided to convene the tournament. Regardless of any circumstances the sports festival must happen. Next day I came to meet the Dean of the PT Department Yury Nechushkin and he wholly agreed with me. Having said Noone should forget such people like Heinrich Carlovich Schultz, he signed the resolution to convene the tournament among the students.    

For convening of the tournament the format that could allow as many students as possible to take part was adopted. The time to arrange for various events was short, therefore the organisers had to work hard and hand in hand with each other, including the Department of PT of MGTU, Sports Club of MGTU, MGTU Sambo Veteran's Club and Sambo-Center Federation at the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

The organising committee was created, presided by myself, Sergey Avdonin, reader of the department of physical training. Within a short period of time all necesary measures for the organisation of this kind of tournament had been taken. The number of participants  was more than was expected. 145 Sambo wrestlers from Moscow, Moscow region, Yaroslavl region and Ivanovo region took part (in total, sixteen teams). For the first time, female sportsmen have come to the tournament in memory of G. K. Schultz who competed for three sets of prizes.

The Sambo wrestlers of the MGTU University won the maximum amount of prizes and got the first place among the teams. Among the champions were, the student of the 10-22  group Roman Vinogradov, the student of S 1-22 group Artyom Ryazantsev, the student of IU8-62 group Kristina Smolyaninova.

Second prizes received Danila Vinogradov (10-22), Vladislav Stein (IU7-61), Amina Ramazanova (RK6-63), Olga Grankina (E8-27); Tatyana Grankina (E8-27). Bronze medalists: Alexander Yurechko (7-42), Sergey Burakov (RL1-41), Malik Safiev (IU8-62), Sergey Burakov (RL-41), Fyodor Kuandukov (E4-41), Eugeny Kuzhabayev (E2-61), Alina Medvedeva (SM 12-41), Ivan Efremov (RL6-61).

The tournament was rated highly by the Heinrich Schultz student, Master of Sports in Sambo, academician Boris Katorgin. Professor of MGSU Ilya Tsypursky suggested to put the tournament on a permanent basis among the students. I was very much surprised by the ourstanding level of preparation and recklessness of the students, shared his opinion Professor of MGPU, five time champion of the USSR Eugeny Gloriozov.

The organising committee of the tournament is very much grateful and acknowledges the active assistance of Grigory Sychyov, Vladimir Rezanov, Andrey Romanov, Svetlana Fedoseyeva, and Mr Volkov in the successful running of the tournament.

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