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Loyalty to traditions

Photo: Michail Belotserkovsky.

11 April 2015, for 11th time, the MGSU Sports Centre at Yaroslavskoe highway convened an Open tournament in Sambo among the pupils of the orphanages and cadet colleges for the prizes of the 5 time champion of the USSR Eugeny Gloriozov. 152 young sportsmen from 28 teams took part in the competitions. As a matter of course, friendship came first. The very friendship that can originate between children and adults at this kind of competitions.

On the very same day, in a half hour drive from MGSU Sports Centre, a 40th jubilee tournament for the prizes of Space Conquerors was taking place. This was the tournament that gathered strong wrestlers and had a real significance for the development of the student Sambo. Nevertheless, the management of the Moscow Sambo Federation presided by Renat Laishev found the time to come to the Yaroslavskoe highway as soon as the opening ceremony in the Palace of Wrestling in honour of Ivan Yarygin was over. Addressing the cadets, Renat Laishev reported that despite some difficulties, the organisers did everything they could so that the tournament was convened in a usual manner. He wished everyone to achieve his victory on the mat and in life, he called to keep Sambo traditions and asked not to forget the deeds of those who saved our country 70 years ago.

Tournament for the prizes of Eugeny Gloriozov could be related to the category of competitions which could be called socially significant. There is certainly more than these words to this statement, more than just the simple wish of the grown-ups to make the world of the children who are deprived of parent's attention a more interesting and varied one. Besides, not all the participants of the tournament are pupils of the orphanages. There were also kids from cadet colleges. All together grown-ups and children make a joined circle of communication where young sportsmen share their emotions, learn how to interact, make new acquaintances. They learn how to win and how to loose. Respect to the partner is one of the most important elements of the Sambo ethics that they learn as well.

No less important seems the participation in this kind of tournament to the adults. This is why every year this tournament gathers famous people, legends of the Russian sport. In 2015, Boris Lagutin, a two time Olympic boxing champion, was an honoured guest of the tournament. He told the boys and girls how he entered boxing, about his friends, who managed to gain some success not only in sports, but also in other spheres of life. The monologue was finalised by the twice USSR champion llya Tsypursky who thanked the organisers and called the children to congratulate Eugeny Glariozov with his birthday. As an answer, a million of young cheerful voices louded Congratulations!.

The bouts were convened among cadets  born in 1999-2000, elder teenagers born in 2001-2002 and elder girls born in 1999-2000. Among the participants of the first age category, as far as the teams were concerned, the first place was awarded to the representatives of the Kerch boarding school, seond Nakhabino club, and the third one Youth club (Prokhladny, Kabardino-Balkariya). Among the teenagers, the team prizes were awarded as follows: 1st place Nakhabino club, 2nd place Kerch boarding school, 3rd place children from the Orthodox Sunday school from Sapozhok town (Ryazan region). Among the girls, Noginsk cadet college representatives came first, then there were pupils of the Laishev orphanage (Tatarstan) and of the Lukhtonov special (correctional) boarding school (Vladimir region).

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