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Magazine "self-defense without weapons" - Sambo.

Protect yourself in a world without violence, to maintain dignity, to survive in the civilization, which is indifferent to the problems of the individual - that is important. Journal "self-defense without weapons" will help: the real-world examples, describing the unknown heroes who managed to stand up for themselves, forcing experts say a human, accessible language. Simple and boring, fun, easy and stylish. New language of the eternal problems of entertaining routine. We're not going to do this, we have already done so.

Section Sambo - 24 lane movement to victory!

At the heart of the magazine - sports section, a kind of magazine in the magazine, dedicated to fighting Sambo. At 24 pages posted the official news of the World and Russian Sambo Federation, reports on major events, stories about the glorious pages of the history of Sambo and famous athletes. Under the heading "right people" are the statesmen and businessmen supporting Sambo. Expands upon the professional league tournaments Sambo linking sport and an exciting show. Each room coverage with the largest competitions in Sambo, and with youth and children's tournaments. Best coaches, physicians, sports psychologists give practical advice and answer questions that arise as a skilled craftsmen, and a novice wrestling mat. Under the heading "Manuals" - scientific and practical materials for the organization of training, sports nutrition, Rehabilitation and injury prevention. In the center of each room a colorful poster, devoted to the heroes Sambo.

Прокатиться с ветерком

В октябре 2014 года произошло событие, которого давно ждали российские поклонники автоспорта — этап чемпионата мира Formula 1 (Гран-при России) в Сочи. А накануне, 20 сентября, состоялось торжественное открытие «Сочи Автодрома», самого современного дорожного полотна международного класса в Восточной Европе. И пока мы ждем следующего Гран-при, автодром продолжает функционировать: малый круг используется для проведения тестовых заездов, трек-дней и прочих мероприятий, а большой — интегрирован в транспортную систему Большого Сочи.

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Writing the history of Sambo together
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Constantly updated photo bank, dedicated to Sambo
championships, tournaments, schools, history and Sambo etc.
Preliminary fights of the second Sambo day in St. Petersburg are completed

At 18.00 in the sport hall “Arena” fights for the prize of the World Martial Arts Games will start.

The first sambo day at the World Combat Games brought Russia two gold medals

The first day of the World Combat Games brought two gold medals to the Russian sambo team. Elena Bondareva of 48 kg and Marina Mohnatkina of 68 kg became champions. Both of them won by submission.

Self-Defence without Weapons Magazine celebrating ten years in journalism!

On 8 October, Self-Defence without Weapons Magazine celebrated its Tenth Jubilee Anniversary. Congratulations for the editorial team of the Magazine on the first round Anniversary came from renowned athletes, coaches and training managers, diplomats, statesmen and public figures who had run in publications at some point.

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