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Unarmed Self-Defense



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■ Unarmed Self-Defense is a unique edition. There is no other magazine with a similar standing on the Russian mass-media market.

■ Unarmed Self-Defense presents original and effective philosophy of living in Russia.

■ Unarmed Self-Defense tells how to protect yourself and your family without resorting to violence, preserve your dignity and survive in the urban jungle.

■ Unarmed Self-Defense offers life-stories of strong personalities

■ Unarmed Self-Defense is a source of relevant unbiased information.


According to the covered topics, the magazine falls into three sections:


■ 1. Life stories of people who have committed acts of bravery, managing to protect themselves and their families; exclusive reports on heroic but inconspicuous professions lifeguards, fire-fighters, stuntmen, bodyguards.


■ 2. Practical safety tips and experts recommendations on how to protect yourself from falling victim to swindlers or hooligans, prevent diseases and accidents, avoid stress and depression, spot off-grade goods or unfair advertising.


■ 3. Sports section dedicated to physical self-defense as it is. We offer the latest news from the world of sambo and other martial arts, practical tips from the best instructors and sportsmen.


■ Heroes gallery

■ Special report

■ Personalia

■ The world around

■ Special demonstration

■ Literature on the subject

■ Comic strip

■ Humor

■ Save your house

■ Save your money

■ Save your health

■ Save your car

■ Save your head

■ Save your nerves

■ Save your honor


Sambo section


24-page way to winning!


The central part of the magazine is taken up by a sports section mostly covering the art of self-defense, or sambo. The 24-page block contains the latest news of the World and Russian Sambo Federations, reports on the biggest sports events, articles on glorious episodes of the history of sambo and outstanding sportsmen.


The Helpful People column introduces people in state service and business who support sambo. There also are detailed reports of tournaments of the professional sambo league combining the features of sport and f spectacular show. The best coachers, doctors, sport psychologists give practical advice and answer questions asked both by experienced athletes and novices.


The Manual section gives space to scientific and practical instructions on training session arrangements, sports nutrition, problems of rehabilitation and post-traumatic experience. Every issue contains a colorful poster with illustrations to the guidebook 100 sambo lessons by Evgeny Chumakov.


■ Magazine size A4

■ Volume 92 pages

■ Circulation 20,000 copies

■ Full-color

■ Frequency every two months



■ Kremlin

■ The RF Presidents administration

■ The RF Presidential Affairs Department

■ The RF Government

■ The Federation Council of the RF Federal Assembly

■ The RF Audit Chamber

■ Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

■The RF Foreign Affairs Ministry

■ Embassies and consulates

■ The Central Bank of the Russian Federation

■ Cities: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Tula, Tumen, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, and sports organizations in 50 Russian regions.

■ Retail: newsstands, railway stations, metro, airports, big sports events and topical exhibitions.

■ Subscription

■ Delivery by direct mail to sports organizations, fitness-centers and Mass media.

■ Delivery by direct mail to regional sambo federations

■ Delivery by direct mail to rehabilitation and health centers

■ Distribution at sports events of all kinds, both in Russia and abroad.

■ Exhibitions



1. The Nasha Pressa retail company:

23 Stolichnaya Pressa newsstands, 14 Metropress newsstands in the Moscow metro stations (Nagornaya, Konkovo, Lubyanka, Okhotny Ryad, Pushkinskaya, Kitai-Gorod, Timiryazevskaya, Yuzhnaya, Krasnye Vorota, Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo, Kienskaya, Ulitsa Podbelskogo, Universitet.


2. The "Sales" retail company:

26 newsstands in Moscow


3. The "Lavida" retail company:

a retail chain selling audio and video tapes and printed matter.


4. The RF Presidents books distribution center


5. The "Sportivnaya Kniga" trading house


6. ARPI-Sibir news and press agency (distribution in Siberia and the Far East)


7. Federal Mail Service, Department for the Moscow region (distribution in 22 Moscow suburbs, in post offices and kiosks).


8.The Dan Sport sports goods retail center.




■ Age: 25-45

■ Education: university degree

■ Income level: 700 USD up

■ Gender: men and women

■ Social structure: small and medium-scale businessmen, employees of large companies, medium-level managers.


Advertising tariffs



Basic price, rubles

Full page


Half page


One-third page


Quarter page


One-eighth page


1st cover spread 2/1


2nd cover spread 2/1


2nd cover


3rd cover


1/1 page + 3rd cover


4th cover







1/1 220x280 (+5 mm bleed)

1/2  (bleed unit) 220x140 (+5 mm bleed) horizontally

1/2 197x115 horizontally

1/2 95x238 horizontally

1/3 197x74

1/4 95115

1/8 9553


Advertisements accepted in the following formats:

  1. TIFF (300 dpi resolution)
  2. EPS (up to 8 version) vector-coded fonts


CDR formats not accepted.

Files can be recorded on CDs in the ZIP format.


For advertisements in the Sambo section of the magazin, technical requirements are similar, with the account of offset printing of illustrations.


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